About Me

have always been a curvy girl. I started sewing my own clothes in about 1972, in 7th grade, because I already had a figure that didn't quite fit the shape of the clothes sold in the stores. I developed a love for luxurious fabrics and fine tailoring details. While in college at Marquette University, I chose to take several courses from the Theater Department in Costume making. I might be the only non-Theater major who ever enrolled in these classes! These courses taught me how to precisely fit and alter all types of clothing. I also learned how to create, change, and fit and flatter all kinds of figure types for the stage. Of course, foundation garments like corsets, bras and bustiers are obvious requirements in historically accurate costumes. But these skills easily transfer to dressing modern women for special events as well as helping them look their best in their everyday wardrobe.
For the past 20 years I have done alterations and tailoring full time. Many clients have been with me since the beginning. Every woman who needs to wear a special event dress knows she has to usually start with a new bra! It is always a challenge, unless you have a trusted knowledgeable ally. That's me!! I've been sending ladies all over town to get specific bras for their figure, and their particular dress, from various stores or online. Because the client has to be wearing the right bra before I can do her alterations. My bra referrals are typically for bras that are better fitting and more supportive than what the client is normally used to wearing, that they have selected on their own, months or years ago. After wearing their dress to the big event, clients have excitedly shared photos with me, and described how great they felt and looked in their new bra and custom altered dress. Then they ask if I can help them look like that in their everyday lives. My answer is, "of course, I can! Let's find you some new bras that fit your life and the clothes you want to wear!"  Finally, I decided that I could help inspire more women with confidence and pride in their looks everyday of their life if I became their bra source.
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