I like to host events to bring us together.  Bring a friend or come alone.  You’ll meet some really fund and interesting people!


5:00pm-8:00pm on Thursday, June 17

What to Expect

cheryl sloane

Drop the Stigma

Drop the stigma, open the conversation, and learn more for a better experience with Sexual Happiness Coach Cheryl Sloane.  Cheryl is also part of the Uberlube team – a product that I sell and believe in.

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sensual lips

Intimate Lifestyle Products

Like lingerie this is something that you don’t want to buy off the internet. I recognized that I can fill a space for people who are curious about these products and want to be in a comfortable, familiar environment.


Special Value

During this event, you’ll have access to a 10% discount on all regular priced lingerie; including chemises, body suits, stockings and garters and even basic and sports bras.

I’ll also have great values on special collections and orphan pieces.