Recycle Your Bra

Recycle Your Bra and Save

Recycle your bra and save. Read more about my partnership with The Bra Recyclers.

Who are the Bra Recylers?

 The Bra Recyclers is a social enterprise clothing recycling company focused on the recycling and reuse of preloved bras and other lingerie.

Their goal is to educate and influence consumers and retailers on the social and environmental benefits of extending the life of clothing (e.g., preloved bras), rather than discarding them in landfills. 

Bring in A Preloved Bra

Bring in a clean, preloved bra and you’ll save $10 on a new bra.

You’ll get the perfect fit and know that you’re doing good socially and environmentally.

I’ll send the bras that I collect directly to The Bra Recyclers.

recycle your bra