A Guide to the Perfect Lingerie Christmas Gift for Your Partner

lingerie christmas gift
lingerie christmas gift

Luxurious lingerie is a great Christmas gift idea

The Right Color

Choosing a color is an essential element of shopping for a lingerie Christmas gift. If your partner has fair skin, you might want to steer clear of reds and blues. These colors can actually make your partner look washed out or pale depending on her skin tone. Black, gold, or even cream-colored lingerie can be great choices if you’re going with bold colors. For those with darker complexions, bright reds and pinks are ideal. However, they should not clash with your partner’s hair.

The Right Style

When in doubt about a design, it’s always best to err on the side of caution because you don’t want anything too revealing or risqué—unless that’s what she wants! Keep her taste in mind as well. A basic lace thong could be perfect for one woman while another might prefer something more showy. Again, take into account any personal preferences before making a final decision. It’s best to choose something flattering but simple rather than trying too hard to impress at Christmas time, since lingerie is more about anticipation than giving big surprises right away anyway. It will add up throughout time instead so keep that in mind as well. This holds true whether you’re picking out a set or just buying one item.

The Right Size

What’s the secret to buying the right size lingerie? No matter what size you usually wear, you may find that certain styles and brands don’t fit quite right. Do you know why? Most of us think it’s because we have wide hips or narrow hips or small breasts or large breasts, but it doesn’t necessarily work that way.

The secret to finding out if her bra is true to size is figuring out what size she wears in various brands. Just like clothing, bras have different cuts that will better or worse accommodate larger or smaller breasts.

Make a note of the sizes and brands or better yet snap a picture!

Bring this information and a photo of your partner when you visit me and I’ll be able to hep you select the best style and fit for her!

The Biggest Lingerie Christmas Gift Hint: Don’t Rush It

With all these factors taken into consideration, don’t rush yourself; spend some time looking through different styles until you find something both special and perfectly suited to your lady love. That way, you won’t need to worry about getting something else later. And rest assured, she will really appreciate your efforts! You may be surprised how much of a difference thoughtful gifts like jewelry or lingerie make over traditional gifts that get swapped back and forth every year among friends and family members. Make sure yours stands out from everyone else’s by considering exactly what your partner likes to wear already.

Call Me!

Ready to shop? Need a little more coaching? Call me and together we’ll make sure that your thoughtful intent to indulge her with luxurious, gorgeous lingerie for Christmas is the best gift she gets this year. You can reach me at 414-935-2800