Wish List Party

Wish List Party

Saturday, November 6 and Sunday, November 7

Wish List Party, Althea's Fine Lingerie

Here's What You'll Do.

You’ll try on the bras, panties, body suits, chemises and robes that you like.  This makes it easy (and a little romantic) for you to put together a wish list to give to your partner!

Here's What I'll Do.

I’ll keep track of everything – the colors, the styles and the sizes.

Your “Wish List” will be here for your partner – that way they’ll know exactly what you like and what makes you feel sexy.

Let Your Partner Know.

Let your partner know that the list is here and ready for them.  Here’s a couple of ideas.

  • Send a playful text message
  • Leave a sexy voicemail
  • Mail a cheeky card

When They Get Here.

I’ll make them feel comfortable and make it easy for them.  Plus, with the list on file, we can come up with something for them to surprise you with!

Pick Up Something for Yourself!

Don’t forget to pick a little something for yourself while you’re here! I’ll serve light appetizers and holiday cheer!